Hare Krishna Villa – Gurugram

Design Brief

The brief for this project was to design a house for Mr. Ved Prakash and his small family of two.  Mr. Ved Prakash wanted to build his house keeping the ancient Hindu tradition, philosophy and “Vastu Shastra” (ancient science of Indian architecture) as basic principal which needs to be reflected in the house. 

The site was  odd in geometry and therefore lead to some constraints with the design. The site was a narrow corner plot facing south-west a difficult orientation in hot climate. Also, the opening was possible only on these two sides as neighboring houses were constructed without any setbacks.

The requirement was to accommodate a multipurpose hall at ground floor which could be used for commercial purpose like shops etc at latter stage. The house is on two levels with three bedrooms and a spacious terrace. The design follows a simple straight line with minimalist approach and a stone clad front wall as architectural feature.


The House has a contemporary minimalist architecture approach.  Since the house is South West facing therefore a box balcony was introduced to restrict direct Indian Summer Sun. There is a central opening between the house in order to get the natural light for kitchens and bathrooms. There  is also a Indian tradition of keeping a central open space and building spaces around it which is known as “Chaupal.”

The minimalist straight line design with simple façade of white color and limited stone cladding was appreciated for its simple look and neat finish and  over a period of time the house with required space, high ceiling, central courtyard, protection from sun with planned orientation and well designed space won many appreciations and has set a new trend of minimalist design in this village.

Building Material

The construction materials are vernacular i.e local available material. Its RCC (Reinforced cement concrete) along with  eco-friendly ash-bricks.  A local dark stone  is cladded outside  and light coloured – Indian marble is used inside. The house is painted in White colour.