Sushant Lok II House – Gurugram

The Residence is designed for a single large family accommodation. The house is split into 04 levels connected by staircase with triple height huge central space on one side and small glass covered shaft penetrating through all levels on the other side.

The functions revolve around this central space and staircase. The basement house a huge column free multipurpose space lit by sunken courtyard at the back. The front area with limited natural light accommodates service and utility area and small cinema. The ground floor level has a brilliant triple height entrance lobby dividing the private and public spaces. The formal living and visitors bedroom is placed at front and kitchen dinning and private bedroom at back.

The first floor connected with ground through open staircase and double height space accommodates 03 huge size bedrooms with attached dress and bath, private study and store and private lounge area overlooking the double height space. The bedroom in front is recessed little bit to give a huge open terrace in front. The second floor holds one bedroom, card room, pantry and big terrace for party purpose.

The house is designed on minimalistic straight lines. Balconies connect to form boxes in front also helps in keeping the Summer Indian Sun away during summers. Black granite clad double height blade wall provide contrast to light colored sand blasted Dholpur stone.