Northfield Urban Village – Aberdeen

The Site

This 24 hectare site is located at the north west of Aberdeen, about 3 and half mile from Aberdeen City centre and Aberdeen Airport.  Located at the west of the Northfield neighborhood , the site is surrounded by Golf course and fields in the north and football pitches in south.  The site has a gentle downward slope of 17 m from south to north. The location, size and the terrain of the site brings it closer to Northfield neighborhood than the other surrounding neighborhoods’.


The idea was to link the site with the Northfield, for which it would be ideal to create a pedestrian movement between the Northfield and the proposed housing; a large public space is created in the centre, including a religious area, commercial complex and bowling green for people of every age group. Most of the houses are terraced and semi detached, with east-west oriented, preferred orientation in Scottish climate. The streets are straight and connect the football field and the public garden.

The public park is surrounded by the apartments which are three storey’s high to give a higher density at the centre of the site and a kind of urban feeling. At the south of the site there is an immediate downward slope of one and half meter from football field to the site, therefore the level is raised by providing basement parking for the houses facing the football field to get a clear view of the football fields.  Apart from the apartments all the houses are individual units and all the houses have a private back and semi private front garden. The parking is accommodated within each house. The streets around the public garden are pedestrian, therefore the parking for the flats are at the back of the flats. The streets are straight and connect the football field and the public garden.


The materials used in houses are timber, brown brick and ‘Industrially’ produced slates, the colour of the material fits with the texture of the granite of Aberdeen. The material type changes from ‘artificial’ slate to timber from east of the site which is close to the Northfield to the west from where the countryside starts.