Ananda Affordable Housing – Gurugram

The 5 Acres, high density housing project is being developed under govt policy to provide house to all. The project consists of around 750 apartments of 1BHK, 2BHK & 3BHK units planned in 6 residential towers all facing North –South and a commercial block facing the front road.

The site gains access from 02 roads located on opposite sides. The entire project is value engineered to get maximum cost effectiveness. Despite being high density all the towers are oriented to provide unobstructed view. Each apartment is provided with balcony. The central core is  efficiently designed and serves 08-12 apartments on each floor.

The entire project follows a very straight line minimalistic design, with services smartly placed along less visible spaces within the building. The building height is restricted to 45 meters to meet the required fire norms.