Kolkata Water front Development – Kolkata

The redevelopment area lies within Ward 45 of Calcutta Municipal Corporation and also is part of Central Business District of Calcutta Metropolitan Area. It is bound by Howrah Bridge and flower market in the north, Strand road on the east, Strand and canning warehouse (Heritage Buildings) on the south and Hooghly river on the west. Although the site has an excellent setting and potential , but at present it remains mostly unused because of vacant warehouses and other old abandoned buildings not safe for use. There is a lot of illegal occupation within the site. The aim of this redevelopment was to bring more people into the site by creating lots of public building and creating a direct access along the river to the newly developed millennium park.

According to the proposal the existing flower market is retained and redeveloped, to improve access and facilitate the visitors. Retail and commercial buildings are proposed, facing the main strand road having a wide opening at ground level, providing direct access to the waterfront and preserved Ghat building. 

The commercial building extends along the main passage to the riverfront and accommodated restaurants facing the river. The other side of passage has exhibition spaces and maritime museum forming the iconic structure of 03 merging hemispheres. Local jetty is proposed to provide ferries to various location long the river.

The redevelopment aims to improve access within the site and connect it to major axis neighbouring sites. Major public attractions are proposed like auditoriums, museums, restaurants and jetty. The iconic maritime museum structure planned on the outer edge is visible from the bridge, across the river. Various commercial and retail functions are incorporated to make the project economically viable. Heritage warehoused on the edge of site can be preserved and converted into public building.