Mitra House – Gurugram

Located at Intersection of 2 major sector roads in Gurugrm , The Mitra House follows straight lines and minimalist design approach.

The house covers over 9000 sq feet area, spread over basement and 3 floors above. Each floor independently accommodated 03 bedrooms with toilets, living dinning and kitchen.

Whereas sunken courtyard in rear setback floods the basement with natural light, 03 story high central courtyard provides natural light to the central space at each floor.

Front balconies are connected, to create a box like element, which not gives a strong character but also restricts the southwest sun. Granite clad blade walls run parallel to the front balcony, both horizontally and vertically. Straight lines are followed in the stone cladding, railing and gate members binding everything.   

The design is bold and minimalist as very limited colors are introduced and no composite materials are applied in order to keep the maintenance cost of the house economical.