Borough Regeneration – London

The Site

The proposed development area is located in the northern part of the London Borough (LB) of Southwark, between Borough High Street to the East, Marshalsea Road to the South and South West, and the Network Rail line & Southwark Street to the North. Southwark is located at south of the River Thames and is one of the inner core of London Boroughs, bordered to the West by LB Lambeth and to the East by LB Lewisham and area lies within the CA Zone and is at the very centre of the arterial road network from across Greater London and beyond.

Because of the sites central location , there are many places of local interest around like Borough high street, Borough market, Southwark Cathedral, Guys and St Thomas’ hospital, Tate modern, the River Thames, More London & Globe Theatre.

Site Context within the Southwark Borough

The regeneration area lies adjacent to the west of Borough High Street. The area is cordoned in by two main roads which support traffic into the City and allow public access to a popular visitor attractions. The connections are less well established away from the main roads.

The area is undergoing change because of its location There have been many large scale developments in recent times and further plans for the borough to build new homes and create new jobs. The close proximity to major transport links including Waterloo and London Bridge, the financial city of London, and local attractions, has meant that severe development pressures exist.

There are also a number of older social housing developments in the area which have influenced the area’s character. Southwark is a borough of contrasts and diversity, in the people and the economy. The borough has one of the most diverse and culturally rich communities because of influx of people from all over the world.

Masterplan Proposal

The main masterplan vision of Regeneration of Borough is to create new mixed use neighborhoods of outstanding quality, establishing area as accessible & attractive part of the area which is very well integrated into the immediate surrounding and network of Streets and also the open spaces, religious and public spaces of borough of Southwark.

As housing has becomes one of the top priority for Londoners, which is also reinforced in the Mayors “London’s Housing Strategy’s” vision for the city. This resumes the interest in the of density, built form, the urban perimeter block planning and high-rise planning along with the function of traditional squares and streets.

This is the reason along with the study on the existing urban form which influence the masterplan of this regeneration scheme to be a coherent, well-illustrated with linear and clear defined streets , these newly introduced street also aims to reduce the physical and visual barriers that can be felt by current street pattern. A large central, distinctive urban square and other series of open spaces particularly in front of urban block and commercial buildings will have interface with streets which will form the focal point of the site as well as surrounding neighborhood. This scheme also aims to have series of different types of residential dwelling units for all kind of people, reflecting the character of Southwark diversity.