St Cecilia’s Music Hall – Edinburgh

St  Cecilia’s Hall Extension, University of Edinburgh , Scotland

( Competition / Academic )


The proposed design of extension building is minimalist in design approach therefore symmetrical in plan. It is designed while keeping few crucial things in mind where neighbourhood context, and energy efficiency gets priorities along with the historical (grade listed) nature of existing building.

Designed as one complete building which includes all the required activities. Visitors will experience a different sense of space, different from conventional architecture. The old and new building is bended in harmony.  The Centuries old St Cecilia’s hall and most of the element of the Original building are retained and a new extension building is added considering.

The main objective of the design was to build a new building which should neither compete nor overemphasize the existing St Cecilia’s hall. The building is clad with translucent glass and with timber panels.  The translucent glass is in the foyer is meant to diffuse the direct sunlight. The front façade do have some opening. The timber cladding suits perfectly in this old town which is mostly in bright stone.

The Exhibition space is in ground floor and basement. In the Ground floor the existing elements are shown with a strong character. The four columns dominate the restaurant while in Exhibition gallery the viewers will be able to see the connection between old and new building the old existing stone wall with arches on one side.

The Hall is not only retained but highlighted. A large volume of space is created around the existing hall which is used as foyer. This brilliant double and triple height volume of space connects St Cecilia’s Hall and new building in a unique and perfect way. The double skin Façade is to hide the structure and inside the building there is a well connection of translucent material and white carrara marble. The building fits well on site and respect the surrounding in terms of material, geometry and height.