Daffodil – I – Gurugram

The initial brief was to design head-office for an established software development firm on a single floor plate of 18000 sq feet in phased manner.

Daffodil wanted this new office to accommodate staff form existing 03 offices and also to take care of projected future expansion. In order to do it efficiently the office was developed in 2 phases separated by around 18 months.

HDS came up with a design which was highly efficient and modular to enable phased development. The open design efficiently addressed the context by placing open workstation towards north and east side allowing maximum natural light. The design exceeded the client’s expectations, both in terms of occupancy and cost.

Open ceiling with coordinated spiral ducts and linear lights with workstations crates brilliant harmony of various elements. Light grey furniture and partition sits between darker flooring and ceiling and gives a very modern and contemporary feel to the entire space.

Phase-1 accommodates over 240 workstation, 20 pax board room, meeting rooms, account and BD rooms, CEO and senior executive cabins, reception and waiting.