HDS Office Extension – Gurugram

In 2010 HDS moved into newly extended office on the same building located on Golf Course Road in Gurugram. The small former HDS office was less than ideal and was not able to cater the needs of changing requirements and the additional staff.

HDS moved to more quieter part of the same building facing East and overlooking leafy green areas. The 2500 Sq ft office with double height space and large size terraces at different level offers a flexible working environment with potential for future expansion.

The Studio has been creatively designed to provide maximum indirect sunlight & cross ventilation with double height space to link the two levels offering a flexible working environment.

The existing building is a masonry structure so no additional load could have been added, therefore, heavy steel columns are introduced and Steel Structure is applied and half of the load is transferred to these massive 45 feet steel columns. The final result is a well natural lit contemporary Steel and Glass building with excellent quality of space.