Horizon Design Studio Private Limited is an established architecture practice based in Gurgaon, India with a good portfolio of notable work. The Practice has a staff of about a dozen well-skilled, talented individuals including directors, associates, four architect assistants, two interior designer and administrative and supporting staff. A positive, friendly and creative atmosphere characterizes the HDS practice’s studio.

HDS provides architecture, interior design, restoration, urban design and consultancy in NCR and all over India. Our Project varied from interior of corporate office of 10000 Sq ft to high density multi storey group housing of 500 Dwelling units to 500 and 1000 sq. yards residential houses and Villa.

HDS is keen to expand and diversify its portfolio and we are looking for interesting and challenging project all over India. We believe that the architects who understand and respect the local vernacular architecture and material leads directly to increased innovation and better design.

“The Earth provides enough to satisfy everyone’s needs, but not for everyone’s greed.” – Mahatma Gandhi